8 Dimensions of a Jot Form

Lots of people don’t realize just how powerful Jotforms can be. In this post we’re going to look at the 8 different customizable actions for conditions in Jotform. By combining these actions you can create powerful forms that can behave like to in forms, surveys, and even quizzes.

Show / Hide Field Form

This is pretty self explanatory! You can allow certain fields to appear or disappear based on a user’s response. That way your form can adjust to personalize your user’s experience.

Skip to a Page / End of Form

Your form can not only have pages but can also dynamically hide or activate pages. This helps the user experience because they don’t have to see a massive form! This is ideal for longer surveys, quizzes and believe it or not – course materials.

Send Email After Submission

Here’s where Jotforms really shine. You can set conditions for the email that is sent after a form is submitted. The email that’s sent can be completely customized based on any rules you set for your form responses. For example – if it’s a female respondent – you could have a more feminine version of your copy that’s sent to them. Or if it’s a male respondent – you may have a more masculine copy. You can also reference their answers in your email. This allows you to really customize your auto responders. And the best part – these emails are FREE – and can come from your address.

Change Thank You URL After Submission

If you use a Jotform in your lead page, you can then redirect users wherever you want based on their responses. Not sure how this is relevant? Well what if you have a series of different payment pages based on what users select in your form? You can use jotform to point people to the right URL. Perhaps you have several course offerings and you want people to register for the course that’s best suited to them based on their responses…. Jotform can handle that too. This allows you to really personalize their experience.

Change Thank You Message After Submission

Not only can you forward people to a specific page based on their responses – but you can also change the thank you message that appears. This can confirm receipt, acknowledge their responses, or even give a customized message based on their responses.

Update a Form Field Value

You can create really complex rules for your fields. Perhaps you have a quiz or a series of questions and you want users to have a calculated score. You can set whatever rules you want to create that score. Maybe you get 1 point for each response. Maybe answering yes to 2 questions puts you in a specific category. You can implement this directly with Jotforms. This allows your simple form to transform into a powerful engaging tool for your users.

Require a Form Field

This is pretty straight forward. If you want people to have to answer specific questions based on other ones – this is how you do it. One example is if your form asks a yes or no question. If they say yes, then you may ask your user to explain further. That explanation should only be required if they click yes. You can use this to ensure you get complete responses.

Set Content Mask

This gets really into the nitty gritty of things. The content mask allows you to restrict the size of a field, format and character type. You may decide that if someone selects contact me by email – you then restrict the field for email to hold only an email address. The same could be done for a phone number. This is a very technical feature – but it allows your fields to change form to meet what users enter.

So WHEW! I know this is a lot to digest! But if you are thinking of how to create opt in forms, quizzes, or other ways to engage your users, JotForms are incredibly powerful tools for doing so. JotForms can be embedded anywhere and are not branded as JotForm – even for the free tier. Got questions – give us a shout – you can reach our team on FaceBook in the Tech Connect Group.

CoachSites.me proudly supports JotForms for our customers.

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