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  • Does it cost to apply?
    • No – it is completely free to be an affiliate.
  • How fast are payouts?
    • We allow our customers a 30 day refund period. As a result, payouts are done at the first of every month on the second month after a commission is earned. We know that’s a mouthful – so here is it in plain terms. If you earn a commission in the month of January, you will receive a commission payment on March 1st. If you earn a commission in June – you will receive a commission payment on August 1st.
  • What exactly will I be selling?
    • You will earn commissions on referring people who will buy our DIY Site Templates.
  • What methods do you pay by?
    • USA based affiliates have the option of getting paid by paper check or Paypal. Foreign based affiliates will require a valid paypal account to get paid.
  • I don’t live in the United States – can I apply?
    • Yes.
  • I don’t have a website – can I be an affiliate?
    • Yes.
  • Will I earn commissions on hosting sales?
    • No.
  • What documentation / information do you require?
  • I sent a customer who bought but I did not get a referral
    • If your customer did not use your link or has cookies blocked – email us at, send us the details,  and we will verify it and then manually apply your commission.
  • What is the payout schedule?
    • You can view the payout schedule here.
  • Can I get some custom graphics to promote your products?
    • Yes – just email us your request at
  • Can I earn commission for referring other affiliates?
    • No
  • Can I offer a custom discount for my affiliate sales referrals?
    • At the moment we cannot support discounts / coupons for this affiliate program.

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