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CoachSites.me is a unique web development service designed specifically for online coaches. We are a group of web technology professionals that specializing in developing dynamic web-based solutions for unique business scenarios. Our solutions have been used to support online content management, e-learning, e-commerce, and online communities. Whether you want a membership site, an online booking system, the ability to sell digital downloads, or an e-course – we’ve got you covered. We also provide custom web development services. We also have a strong focus on providing fanatical customer service with our technology support. We pride ourselves on working with our clients hand in hand through every step in a process to deliver solutions uniquely designed to meet their needs.

CoachSites.me is an all-inclusive service. This means we provide everything you need to set up a fully functional website and web presence. Often creating a web presence is a daunting task. Professional Coaching providers face unique challenges in creating a web presence because there are specific communication needs, business processes as well as ethics considerations in that process. We have developed a process and service that streamlines all of this for Professional Coaching providers. As a result, we can provide a cost effective web presence that provides fully functional websites. In short, we can provide a custom branded web site, custom domain, and search engine submissions in an all-inclusive package at a very competitive price.

Our founder, Kat Okwera, is very active in the management of our service. She’s regularly available to customers and personally ensures quality of service.

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